My roman military belt
This is my roman military belt, a balteus, made from a belt blank that I obtained from
Tandy Leather.  The plates, studs, and terminals were obtained from Albion Armours
and match a very common pattern used during the first century AD.  Similar plates have
been found at roman sites such as Vindonissia and the Herculeneum soldier had a belt
made up of similar plates and terminals, but in silver.  The buckle was purchased from
NIX Imperial and also copies a very common pattern from the first century.  The
dagger frogs I had cast from wooden patterns that I made.

The straps are riveted to the belt using flat head rivets and fold over the belt plates.  
From roman military tomb stones we know that this and other attachment methods
were used.
One detail is the addition of round knobs onto the plates.  These were made by
soldering brass spheres made for fishing lures onto pieces of brass wire that pass
through the plates:
I have decided to do the cross belted look, use the existing belt for the pugio with a
second criss-crossed belt for the gladius.  The new belt, using plates and a buckle
obtained from Armamentaria: