Approved Vendor List
This is a list of vendors of roman equipment that I have dealt with in the past and have received satisfactory service
from, namely I received both what I expected and the delivery was prompt.

Soul of the Warrior
As well as providing their own line of roman gear, they are an importer of both Depeeka and DSC gear.  One caveat
concerning both their belts, and the same concern goes for the Deepeeka belts, the plates are cast which makes
them rather heavy.  Roman belt plates were either stamped from thin sheet brass or engraved.  Not too many
examples of cast plates are known to exist.

Imperium Ancient Armory
They are importing from DSC what I believe to be the best off-the-shelf loricae segmentatae now made.  They also
have correct roman hobnails.

La Wren's Nest (Appian Way Trader)
Another Deepeeka importer along with their own custom line.  Excellent tunicae and Cloaks.

They have the best selection of roman belt parts that I am aware of, as well as many other items found no where
else.  Though located in Britain, service to the USA is quite quick.

They make the better roman swords and they are in the USA.

Clang Armory
More belt parts as well as signum discs.

Raymond's Quiet Press
Cast brass belt parts and the studded ring for the roman marching satchel.

Find-it Armory
Excellent lorica hamata with alternating riveted and solid rings in  both 8mm and 6mm ID.

Mark Morrow
Custom made blades and shield bosses.  Excellent craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

Venetian Cat
Maker of amphorae, Terra Sigillata (Samian ware), and oil lamps.