Arma Romana
There is more to come here.   For now, I am going to fall back to what's on the legio
XXX main site.  See the ligamina page for the Legio XXX ligamen.  My first
HOW-TO is a description of what I've learned on the making of roman caligae.  While
still not prefect, but as most things are in this hobby,  
gaudium ab intinere venit (joy
comes from the journey).  The next pair will be even better.  Hopefully I will be able to
save others from some of the grief that I went through.
Making Authentic Caligae
Other portion of the legionaire's kit are described on the equipment page of the legio
XXX main site.  For our period a legionaire would have carried a  large rectangular
shield, known as a scutum.  Reenactors have typically made these from two layers of
1/8 inch birch plywood glued over a form.

On the subject of lorica, I'll have more to add later, but one thing that I've been doing
is to attempt the construction of a more accurate shirt of maille, known as hamata.  
Most reenactors have been wearing shirts of butted rings.  Though there is some
evidence for the use of butted rings in Roman hamata, it appears that most hamata
employed alternating rows of riveted and solid rings.  Here's an
article that I wrote
describing my attempts to make something better.

As mentioned in the introduction, we use a latin drill.  The most historically accurate
latin drill is the one derived from the Stretegikon of Murice which dates from the 6th
century.  The use of a latin drill having some historical basis is certainly better than
simply translating a modern drill into latin as some groups have done.  While written in
Greek, this drill was supposely transliterated from a spoken latin drill.  The only issue
that I have with this drill is the mixture of singular and plural imperative verbs.  The
use of these commands may depend upon the context.  Here is the
version compiled
by Matt Amt of legio XX.  Some aditional commands have been added.  By a
consensus of several roman renacting groups, legio XXX has adopted
this list of drill
Tips on making the Lorica Segmentata
I did a significat upgrade to my lorica segmentata.  On the lorica segmantata tips page I
describe a little bit of what I learned in the process.
At the recent RomanDays 2007 event I for the first time put up my Vindolanda tent.  
For a description of how I made it, see my Contubernium page:
The Contubernium Tent
Last year my old belt, the balteus, broke and I had to remake it.  I improved the plates
by adding small brass balls to the plate ends as was done on the actual roman belt plates:
The Balteus
The roman legionaires spend a considrable amount of their time on the match.  The
following page shows the portion of the roman marching kit, the sarcina, that I've put
together.  I still need to obtain a water flask and a decent cooking pot.
The Sarcina
I made my first pair of lasted boots.  These are calcei from the 1st century, contemporary
with caligae.

Making Authentic Calcei
Here is a list of vendors of reproduction roman gear approved by cohort III.  I have dealt
with most of them and have received satisfactory service.
Weapons of a 1st century legionnaire: