Religio Romana
On roman religion I'm most influenced by the famous wall painting found at Dura
Europos of the tribune Julius Terentius making an offering in front of his troops.  To
his left stands the Vexillarius holding the standard next to the statuae deorum.  Behind
the tribune stand the troops of the Cohors Vicesima Palmyrenorum, in an orderly
double file.  Though by the mid 3rd century date of the fresco the dress of the miles
romanus, and these milites were likely auxillaries,  had greatly changed from those of
the 1st century, their traditions and culture likely had not.

This is admittedly a work in progress.  I've seen roman religious rites recreated at
events such as Roman Days Northeast, but beyond the image taken from Dura
Europos, I need to give this subject more thought.  Much more research is required.  
As roman reenactors we certainly cannot ignore the topic of religion.  More information
on Roman religious practices may be found on the
Nova Roma site.
Date gratias deis omnibus quae habetis!
After I wrote this sentence I realized that other perfectly valid sentences may be made
simply by changing the relative pronoun.  Instead of omnibus being the antecedent, make
omnibus an adjective to deis and let deis be the antecedent.  Then another interesting
sentence is made by:
Date gratias deis omnibus quos habetis!
Lingua latina est admirabile!